Dec. 1st, 2012

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I figured I should write one of these?

Most of my info is on my profile, for you who haven't read it: I'm Renate, at last count I've been on this earth 24 years and I live in the middle of nowhere Norway. I study film and television and I own a cat her name is Luna and if the saying about pets being like their owners is true, then you should be scared.

On my friends locked entries, you will find exciting posts where I complain about stuff (usually school and my family), so if you want to read them, just friend me. I do occasionally mention fandoms, and I am up to discussing them. Just don't expect to find long essays on my feelings about a fandom...

Ehm? What to say? I'm guessing you ended up on my journal because you read a comment I made over at F!S? Because that is the only forum thing I'm on on DW and any other way of finding my journal would be interesting and I beg you to leave a comment telling me about how you found it.

Don't be afraid of talking to me, here or in PM's or anywhere really. I'm pretty sure I don't bite, though I sometimes try to be funny and/or sarcastic, it always fails...

Anyway if you want to know something or if you just want to tell me I am an idiot I guess this is the place to do so.


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