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Friends & Family might be one of the best films I have ever seen, and I really want fanfiction or anything really!

And if you have not seen it: The plot is basically a couple whom are enforcers for a crime family and one of the sets of parents pay them a surprise visit, the thing is that, the parents don't know they are criminals and think they run a catering firm (though neither of them can make food), the crime family helps them out to fake a catering film and seriously just watch it, I loved it and don't often love films. I love it more than I loved The Avengers or Pirates of the Caribbean or The Hurt Locker (which used to me my favourite film)! Also it is a genuinely funny comedy. Also I need to figure out some way of using this during my studies, because seriously more people need to see it (I will probably make my poor future students watch it, if I become a lecturer that is)....

Did I mention gay main characters? And they are one of the best couples I have ever seen on screen! And the side characters are awesome.

It is on Netflix and here is the IMDB link:

Finding pictures online was fairly difficult, but they are really, really pretty and I just love them!


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