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I need someone to talk about Shameless US with, but basically anyone I see in the fandom just don't see the show the same way I do*. It is probably a mix between them being a bit young and not growing up poor.

There are things they feel are handled wrong by the characters because they come from a different point of view than what I do. I like the characters don't put much thought into a lot of the bad stuff that happens, because that is just the way it is.

It pains me to see the reactions to some of the fans, because they are judging and thinking that the reactions the characters have are not realistic. But coming from my background, seeing the things I saw when growing up, the show is damn good at how they write the reactions of the characters. They do great when they don't make a big deal out of the things that in other situations probably would be a big deal.

Being poor, having mentally unstable family members and drug/alcohol abuse is something we all react to in different ways, but when you grow up with it, when that is how your "normal" is you don't find everything to be such a big deal. That people get drunk, violent or that you are in danger of losing your home becomes just another day. You figure it out, you get over it and you go on with your life.

I have seen the reactions to what Fiona did, I have seen people saying she should be excused because she has had the responsibility for so long. I have seen people thinking Lip is doing something wrong when he took Liam away from her and I have seen people saying that Fiona is next to the devil when it comes to evilness.

The thing is that: Fiona did something incredibly stupid, she endangered her little brother. He could have ended up dead, she should be punished for that. Her reactions to it was completely realistic, from her early refusing to take the blame to the moment she completely got how badly things could have gone. She doesn't get an excuse from me, just because she has had this responsibility for so long, because sorry but life sucks. Sometimes you have to do things even if you don't really want to. With her actions she took away the financial stability the family was getting, she singlehandedly put her family into even more shit. And she is to blame for that, but she has taken the blame and she should be forgiven.

What Lip did, is exactly the same thing I would have done. He did the right thing taking Liam away, he did the right thing taking the rest of the kids away too. Because he saw that what was happening was dangerous, he did what Fiona have done hundreds of times before. He took the kids away from a dangerous parent. But he gave them back, he didn't steal them or do something that was unforgivable, he acted like a big brother and rightly so.

Anyway that was one thing, while we are at it... Let's talk about Mickey beating up Ian:

I get why Mickey did what he did, I'm not saying it was okay. But for those who are awaiting them to have a heart to heart about that, you have to wait until the end of time.

When things like that happens no one living their life are going to sit down and talk about their feelings, they aren't going to think about it the way it seems quite a few people think they should: Ian is not damaged by it, Ian is not scared of Mickey because Mickey beat him, that isn't how it goes.

Heck I wouldn't even classify it as abusive, Ian did something he new Mickey would be provoked by**, Mickey is taught to use his fists over his words. So Ian knew damn well that it was a thing that could happen. I am pretty sure Ian understands this. I am also sure Mickey didn't want to kill or seriously injure Ian. But for fucks sake Ian and Lip have fought too, and they got over it pretty quickly. That is just how it is.

And lastly: Ian and Mickey:
This will pain me to write, I don't feel Ian and Mickey should be in any kind of relationship. Because Ian is not good for Mickey, and I did not ever think that would be something I would ever think... Mickey is getting his life together, he is earning money and getting more friends and I think Ian might do more damage than good. Especially the way Ian is right now, which is pretty much a bastard no matter which way you look at it. I will wait and see... But for the first time in my life I am more invested in one of my ships so to speak not getting back together than I am in them being a

I probably have a lot more to say, but this is what I got down right now. I am not sure I managed to get my thoughts through in the right way, but I tried... Also if you wanna talk to me about anything Shameless US related, I am up for it!

**I want to be clear here: I understand this is something that also happens in abusive relationships, I know that provoking someone doesn't justify getting beaten. I am just saying in this specific context it would not be classified as abuse, by either part.

*They are of course entitled to their own opinions and I am not running around claiming I am all knowing...


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