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I figured I should write one of these?

Most of my info is on my profile, for you who haven't read it: I'm Renate, at last count I've been on this earth 24 years and I live in the middle of nowhere Norway. I study film and television and I own a cat her name is Luna and if the saying about pets being like their owners is true, then you should be scared.

On my friends locked entries, you will find exciting posts where I complain about stuff (usually school and my family), so if you want to read them, just friend me. I do occasionally mention fandoms, and I am up to discussing them. Just don't expect to find long essays on my feelings about a fandom...

Ehm? What to say? I'm guessing you ended up on my journal because you read a comment I made over at F!S? Because that is the only forum thing I'm on on DW and any other way of finding my journal would be interesting and I beg you to leave a comment telling me about how you found it.

Don't be afraid of talking to me, here or in PM's or anywhere really. I'm pretty sure I don't bite, though I sometimes try to be funny and/or sarcastic, it always fails...

Anyway if you want to know something or if you just want to tell me I am an idiot I guess this is the place to do so.
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Not because it is shitty, but because I try to show what my side of the world is up to. And who can pass up singing Thor?
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I need someone to talk about Shameless US with, but basically anyone I see in the fandom just don't see the show the same way I do*. It is probably a mix between them being a bit young and not growing up poor.

Shameless US thoughts under the cut: )

*They are of course entitled to their own opinions and I am not running around claiming I am all knowing...
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So that is the official residence of a priest in Norway... He also has the support of his bosses* and as far as I know, no one else much cares either.

*The ones on earth at least, I don't have a direct line to God to ask him, but if he exist I don't think he would be against it.
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This will be a quite short reaction post thing about the entire season, it will not be entirely positive so don't read it if you loved the season, because I don't want to ruin it for anyone...

Spoilers and all that:  )
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Next F!S post that I comment on so probably Saturday or something will probably mark my 3000th comment as I have posted 2997 comments on this site... Wow that is crazy! I was curious so I looked at my LJ comment count and that was around 600ish so it isn't really officially my 3000th F!S comment, but well it is something to mark?

why yes, I do have an exam to write... Why would you ask that? It can't have anything to do with the fact that I am posting an entry about my comment count now could it?
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I think I replied to all of you now? I hope I didn't forget anyone, if I did I am terribly sorry and I really did not mean to do so!

Here have a cute kitten as an apology!

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Hi guys,

Just a quick post to let you know I am alive and well, except insanely busy and I've been without internet for a week, anyway I will (as I said a couple of weeks ago) get around to replying to all of you. I promise, I am always happy when you guys talk to me and usually I try to reply in a timely manner, which I clearly managed to fail at quite badly now.

I hope you are all doing okay, with school, work and anything else you are up to! I will even try to get through my backlog over at LJ and DW at some point, tbh I haven't read anything on my friends page on LJ for over a month (the one on DW is a lot more quiet so I am a bit more up to date on that one), so I hope nothing major has happened to any of you over there?

Anyho, here is what was in my saved draft... I think I started writing it a couple of weeks ago, and I have no idea where I was going with it. But hopefully it is a bit entertaining?

"Many people think that it is the effectivity of sex that makes you good, but it is really what you get out of it, besides a baby, that counts"

Norwegian radio is oddly entertaining at times, this was in response to someone whom sent in "24, good in bed, father" as the info about himself to get a song on the radio show.
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well... I voted yesterday, but today is The Day!
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As I don't want to get into this big discussion, I'll just leave this song, and never ever discuss Syria, The US or my views of those things online...


Sep. 2nd, 2013 05:33 pm
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I am officialy Class President!

My coPresident sent an email to the head of our department asking if we could corule and he okayed it, which means I get the extra credit and a vote, and I get the diploma thing that I can put in my CV

I feel that was a lot of Co words... Anyway that is it, and I still believe Second in Command is a cooler name than Vice President, the thing is that the Norwegian word isn't translatable, I even tried to use a dictionary...
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Friends & Family might be one of the best films I have ever seen, and I really want fanfiction or anything really!

And if you have not seen it: The plot is basically a couple whom are enforcers for a crime family and one of the sets of parents pay them a surprise visit, the thing is that, the parents don't know they are criminals and think they run a catering firm (though neither of them can make food), the crime family helps them out to fake a catering film and seriously just watch it, I loved it and don't often love films. I love it more than I loved The Avengers or Pirates of the Caribbean or The Hurt Locker (which used to me my favourite film)! Also it is a genuinely funny comedy. Also I need to figure out some way of using this during my studies, because seriously more people need to see it (I will probably make my poor future students watch it, if I become a lecturer that is)....

Did I mention gay main characters? And they are one of the best couples I have ever seen on screen! And the side characters are awesome.

It is on Netflix and here is the IMDB link:

More pictures under the cut  )
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Which is both a fanvid, and one of my current favourite songs so... 

Shameless US: Ian/Mickey
Half Boyfriend by Jay Brannan
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 Quick question: Is your country obsessed with how many meters over sea level places are? 

Because here in Norway every train station is marked with how far over sea level it is, which is okay with the train station I am at right now, which is 253 meters over sea level, it is just sad when it is like 4 meters over the sea... 
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Another fucking BBC!Sherlock spoiler on Tumblr. seriously, how hard is it to write spoiler(s) in your tags?

The way this is going I probably won't follow any personal blogs when Sherlock finally airs...
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I got out of bed to fix the HTML on a F!S comment, I might have issues.

Oh and btw, did you guys know that if you write the image embed code on the ipad it does not show right? Because all I had to do was log into my laptop and press edit comment and it was fixed...

And because I wasted your time:
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Though they are in English, because that is how we roll...


Norwegian ones...  )
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