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This will be a quite short reaction post thing about the entire season, it will not be entirely positive so don't read it if you loved the season, because I don't want to ruin it for anyone...

You know what?

I enjoyed this season of Sherlock, but it did not feel like BBC!Sherlock at all. It was just stupid and gimmicky and had basically no crime solving. So all in all I am disappointed.

Oh and it had too little Lestrade, too much Anderson and what the fuck! If Moriarty is alive I will be so pissed, you have no fucking idea.

Only bright spot, it had more Mycroft, I love Mycroft! And tiny Sherlock was awesome and the fact that Mycroft is in Sherlock mind palace being his "guide thingy" is great. Also I liked Mary, until the last episode, and now there will be a baby!John running around in the next season, I will most probably not enjoy that at all.

So yeah that is what I feel about this season so now I will go to sleep and forget about my annoyance and maybe possibly do a episode by episode thing when I get around to it, if I don't do it in Norwegian for my current class. Then again I could probably quite easily translate it either way.


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